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  1. Developing a national food strategy: call for evidence

    Seeking evidence and ideas that can be considered in the review of our food system which will help create a new National Food Strategy.

  2. RAF Halton

    The Defence Infrastructure Organisation’s (DIO) vision for RAF Halton is to create and invest in a sustainable, mixed-use development.

  3. National Chlamydia Screening Programme policy update

    We are seeking views on proposals to revise the policy for chlamydia screening in England.

  4. Draft regulations: maturing Child Trust Funds

    This technical consultation seeks views on draft regulations which will ensure that funds in maturing Child Trust Fund accounts can retain their tax-advantaged status after maturity.

  5. Newhaven Marine rail station closure

    Seeks views on proposals to close Newhaven Marine railway station.

  6. Consultation on MSN 1899: vessel traffic monitoring notification and reporting requirements for ships and ports

    A consultation on the proposed new Merchant Shipping Notice (MSN) which combines information contained in the existing MSN 1831 and Marine Information Note (MIN) 540.

  7. Children’s social care providers: inspections regulations 2020 to 2021

    We are seeking views on proposed changes to the fees and frequency of inspections regulations.

  8. Consultation for the Draft North East, North West, South East and South West Marine Plans

    The Marine Management Organisation is currently consulting on the Draft North East, Draft North West, Draft South East and Draft South West Marine Plans and associated documents.

  9. Draft regulations: implementation of disclosable arrangements

    We are seeking views on new rules that will require the disclosure to HMRC of certain cross-border arrangements that could be used to avoid or evade tax.

  10. West of Ifield

    Consultation on the proposal to develop land west of Ifield for new homes along with roads, schools and other community infrastructure.

  11. UK SMI ID 5: identification of Bordetella species

    Public Health England is seeking views on UK Standards for Microbiology Investigations ID 5, which apply to Bordetella species.

  12. UK SMI ID 12: identification of Haemophilus species and the HACEK group of organisms

    Public Health England is seeking views on the UK Standards for Microbiology Investigations ID 12, which apply to Haemophilus species.

  13. An update to the water company drought plan guideline: 2019

    We're seeking views on changes to the water company drought plan guideline (WC DPG) and the new and updated supplementary guidance.

  14. Ofsted inspection: removal of the outstanding exemption

    We're seeking views on the removal of the exemption for outstanding schools, colleges and other organisations delivering publicly-funded education and training.

  15. Carbapenamase producing enterobacterales: framework of actions

    This framework provides information to providers of health and social care on how the spread of CPE can be minimised.

  16. Environmental permitting: standard rules consultation no 20

    We’re seeking views on standard rules sets for biowaste treatment.

  17. Open access restriction at Lambshield Farm (2): how to comment

    Find out about the proposed restriction to open access land at Lambshield Farm in County Durham.

  18. Coarse fishing close season on English rivers

    We want your views on whether to keep, change or remove the current close season.

  19. RVAR exemption: London Underground Limited — Bakerloo Line

    Rail accessibility exemption application by London Underground Limited for its Bakerloo Line trains.

  20. RVAR exemption: London Underground Limited — Waterloo and City Line

    Rail accessibility exemption application by London Underground Limited for its Waterloo and City Line trains.

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